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Roll of Honour of All Saints, Highgate

This is the Roll of Honour for the parish of All Saints, Highgate:
The following individuals are commemorated on the Roll of those who died during the First World War.

Roll of Honour for All Saints’ Church

Adams, A. C.
Bailey, H. G. Lieut.
Bingley, A. N., Lieut.
Borrill, H. F., Sgt.
Brassinee, C. H.
Brodhurst, B. M. L., Major
Brodribb, W. C., 2nd Lieut.
Bromhall, J. C., Major
Brooman, E. J., 2nd Lieut.
Brown, A. E.
Brown, C., Sgt.
Burt, T. J. V., C. S. M.
Bush, A. J., 2nd Lieut.
Butcher, N. De G., Lieut.
Campbell, C.
Cathles, G. K., Lieut.
Church, H., Capt.
Collingwood, F.
Coombe, J. W. H.
Coombe, S. J.
Dandridge, S. G., Lieut.
Davis, Mildred
Deacon, H. G.
Edwards, A., 2nd Lieut.
Farman, H., Sgt.
Field, J. J., Col. Sgt.
Fielder, C. B., C. S. M.
Greenwood, F. W., Sgt.
Harrington, A.
Harrington, W.
Hawkins, A. R., Lieut. R.N.R.
Heavingham, H. A.
Hewson, W. C.
Hodson, A. J.
Hodson, J. A.
Holman, G. C., Lieut.
Hows, E. C.
Hutson, A.
Jeayes, H. L. Lce. Sgt.
Jones, Robt.
Kenwood, E.
Lack, J. W., Capt.
Law, L. F.
Laws, S.
Matthews, J.
Medhurst, L., Lieut.
Miller, A.
Miller, W., Lieut.

Moore, W. T.
Morison, J. S., 2nd Lieut.
Mountstephens, A., Cpl. Moore, W. T.
Morison, J. S., 2nd Lieut.
Mountstephens, A., Cpl.
Neal, F. C. L.
Newman, A. S.
Parsons, J. F. L.
Pascall, P. M., Lieut.
Penny, A. H., Capt.
Percy, H. E.
Pomroy, J., Sgt.
Pomroy, P. W., Cpl.
Rawlings, S.
Ray, R., Lieut.
Seccomb, G.
Sell, H.
Seymour, A. P., Lce. Cpl.
Seymour, W. J.
Sharpe, C. L. A., 2nd Lieut.
Shorter, H.
Shorter, J.
Shorter, P.
Shorter, R.
Smith, F. D., 2nd Lieut.
Stevens, T. S.
Sussex, F., Cpl.
Thorne, A. F.
Toyne, J. A.
Turk, A.
Twinn, F.
Twinn, J.
Vassie, C. E.
Wade, L. F.
Wallis, C. G. R.
Watson, D.
Watts, T. E.
Weddell, A., Bdr.
Weddell, G.
Weddell, P. F.
Weeks, E. J., Sgt.
White, S. H.
Wilson, J., 2nd Lieut.
Wiltshire, B.
Woodrow, E.
Woodrow, S.
Woodward, D.

If you have any connection to any of the men or women on this Roll, or you have any information you'd like to send us, please let us know.

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