Sunday, 23 March 2014

St Michael's Highgate Roll of Honour

Welcome to the First World War Centenary Project Blog for the sister churches of St Michael's Church and All Saints' Church in Highgate, north London.

This dedicated memorial blog hosts the work of our churches' centenary project. Between 2014 and 2018, volunteers will research and record the contribution and sacrifice made by the men and women of these parishes.

As part of the project we’ll be identifying all of those honoured, and learning more about where they lived in the parish.

Below is the Roll of Honour for the parish of St Michael's Church, Highgate:

The following men are commemorated on the Roll of those who died during the First World War.

George Arthur Arnold
Alfred Barnes
George Barton
Charles Blanford
Reginald Edward George Burton
Alfred John Bush
Joseph Cater
Harold Church
Francis Hugh Davies
James Ford Davies
Richard Dyer
Ernest Evans
Richard Baxter Harrison
James Anthony Horne
Robert Jones
Edwin Kenmore
Thomas John Kirkin

Geoffrey Vaughan Marriott
Henry Meadyer
Alfred Moore
Ernest John Pollikett
Arthur John Purey-Cust
Harry William Rawlings
George Rimmer
Richard Thomas Robbins
Bertie Gordon Shorter
Percival Arthur Shorter
Robert George Shorter
James Ashton Simpson
Ernest Robert Smith
Henry Stokes
Geoffrey Bulmer Tatham
Frederick William Twinn
John Edward Twinn
Laurence Frank Wade
William Thomas Wallis
Arthur Graeme West
Henry West
Charles Herbert Wilcockson
John Wilson
Christopher Wilton
Gower Float Young


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  2. Dear Friends;

    In the course of conducting some research for an essay on Great War poet Arthur Graeme West, I've discovered that before he attended my old school, Blundell's, he was a pupil at Highgate School. At the same time, I've found out that another lad, Alick West, later came to Highgate. The poet fell in the trenches, 3 April, 1917, aged 25. Caught touring in Germany in 1914 and interned in Ruhleben prison camp for the duration of the war, Alick went on to become a well-respected literary theorist and critic from the 1930s till his death in 1972. The two Wests seem to have more in common than Highgate, viz. a religious father who served as a missionary and, I believe, the sad experience of a mother dying while they were still boys.

    Arthur's military record tells us that he started at Highgate before he was 10. He was born in 1891, so he likely entered Highgate in 1900, but perhaps 1899 or 1901. He went on to Blundell's at the age of 14. Alick was born in 1895. I am not sure when he started at Highgate, but he left in 1913.

    My question: were the two Wests in fact brothers? I have so far been able to find no evidence of such. I was wondering if your school records might be able to solve this conundrum for me.

    With thanks in anticipation of your time and help.

    All good wishes,


  3. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for your comment. We are looking for volunteers for our project. If you would like to join us, that would be great!

    This blog is focused on those who are remembered at the parish church of St Michael's in Highgate.